02 / About Me

Greetings from the snowy peaks of St. Moritz! I'm not just any web developer, I'm a daredevil of the digital realm, constantly pushing boundaries and breaking limits. My mission: to always be on the bleeding edge of technology and innovation.

I thrive on projects that make me break a sweat, where I can take risks and go where no one has gone before. With every challenge I face, I calculate the risks and come out on top, delivering optimal results for my clients and myself.

But I don't stop there - I also dabble in the dark arts of digital marketing. Some say I'm too creative for my own good, but I say, why not put that creativity to good use? So while others are satisfied with just being web developers, I'm out here conquering the digital world one project at a time. And if all else fails, I've got a joke or two up my sleeve to keep things lively.


03 / Why Me?

I specialised in this CMS to offer a wide variety of web solutions. I can create successful & responsive WordPress sites & optimize them together with the client. Furthermore, I build individual and optimized E-Commerce projects as well.

I offer professional and customizable website design services using Webflow, bringing your ideas to life and ensuring an engaging user experience.

I offer the complete design and development chain for a web implementation. I create professional websites which allow you to create and manage content yourself. I also offer simple and powerful websites with Webflow, Jimdo or Wix.

I specialize in SEO – improving website visibility through techniques like keyword research, on-page optimization, link building, and content creation. My services include analysis, concept development, continuous improvement, and project management for high search engine rankings.

My tasks include Google Ads, content marketing, websites, lead generation & email marketing with external tools. In addition, I provide social media marketing know-how from Gen Z and can build a successful online community based on a strategy of content.

Wordpress · Google Analytics · Wix · Webflow · Adobe · Figma · E-Commerce · HootSuite · Mailchimp ·